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Modern Agricultural Technology and Use of Machinery in Agriculture

Modern Agricultural Technology

At the beginning of history, animals were the main source of energy in agriculture. Later, the steam gained importance. After World War I gas tractors became commonplace, followed by diesel tractors. In developed countries, it involved fewer agricultural workers, while agricultural production continued to increase due to the use of machinery. Technology has transformed agriculture, […]

Types of machines


Machines are devices generated to direct, regulate or take advantage of the action of a certain force. They usually work from the energy they receive and then transform to generate a specific effect. Machines can be classified based on various criteria. Some are: 1) According to its complexity: Simple machines. They are usually made up […]

Types of Workshop Machinery


Machines utilized in a wood preparing activity to cast the ideal shape or measurements from the wood work piece are known as woodworking machine. The following are Types of Workshop Machinery. Milling Machine for Workshop A processing machine is the best instrument for slicing metals to the tweaked measurements and shapes particularly if the parts […]