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At Equipois, our mission is to transform the workplace through our anti-gravity technologies. Our patented mechanical arm systems hold heavy tools, parts and payloads and allow workers to maneuver them as if weightless, with maximum range of motion and adjustable lift control. Our technology improves productivity and safety, eliminating injuries and related costs.

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  • Automotive
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CBD Oil Explained In-depth

Ever since its discovery researchers have been working round the clock to discover the possible therapeutic use of CBD oils.CBD oils are oils that contain concentrations of CBD. There has been a lot of unclarity when it comes to the benefits, chemical composition, and risks to human health when it comes to the use of CBD oil. The most trending of them all is if CBD oil is Marijuana. Until recently it was only known that the most highly concentrated ingredient compound in cannabis was delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Well, Marijuana contains both THC and CBD whose effects are different in the body. CBD does not have a mind-changing effect on a person like THC. However, it is believed that CBD has got some medicinal value. Keep in mind, that you know what is what is CBD oil? If you do not then you need to research on the internet and find out more. There are lots of good websites which will help you understand this well.

We could go into explaining how CBD works but all that mumble-jumble will not be of use to you, for it wouldn’t make even make sense to you. Instead, we will talk about the bright and dark side of CBD oils. This is an oil which works very well with pain and this is known to give good results. Lots of people from all over the world are making use of this and the results are very good. The certain part does not allow making use of this and one needs to be careful, there are lots of people whoa re confused and not sure how much doe has to be taken. It is important that the right amount of dose is undertaken and that is very important. If you take a higher doe it could be a problem.

CBD has got a lot of benefits to human health. Here are some benefits of using CBD in relation to health:

  • Natural pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties

When many of us take over-the-counter drugs in the slightest appearance of a headache, many believe that CBD is a natural pain reliever. This is however not an available option for it has not yet been approve and testing has been done by researchers on mice and rats, that is as long as I can remember of course.

  • Quitting smoking and drug withdrawals

Quitting smoking can be a bumpy ride. However, there is hope as some recent study shows that CBD may be used to help people to quit smoking. A pilot study conducted discovered that smokers using inhalers containing CBD smoked fewer cigarettes compared to the others. There is a lot of work to do yet but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  • CBD oil can alleviate pain and cancer-related symptoms

Many case studies, both human and animals have indicated that there may be a link between CBD and pain relief, which are thought to be down to the oil’s ability to reduce inflammation and interact with neurotransmitters.

  • CBD is an antidepressant

CBD oil is thought to cure post-traumatic disorders in children (PTSD).

  • Might be used to cure acne

CBD may be of great use when it comes to curing acne. CBD helps in curing acne which lowers production of sebum, which when overproduced causes acne.

There are a lot more benefits to using CBD oils including:

  • Cure Alzheimer’s disease
  • Cure Anxiety disorders
  • Treat Epilepsy
  • Could Benefit Heart Health
  • Diabetes prevention
  • Anti-tumor effects

Side Effects of CBD oil

There is still a lot of uncertainty and lack of longtime data safety when it comes to the use of CBD oil.

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Drowsiness
  • Increased tremors in Parkinson’s disease
  • Headaches
  • Dry mouth


Cannabis is legal when it comes to medicinal and even for recreational use in some American states. However, in some countries have not allowed this and not the general use of Marijuana. One has to be very sure, to follow the law of the land and only once sure, they should go ahead with this. It is a very important thing and one needs to keep this in mind. Many people are confused.

It is not easy to take care of the pain. There are lots of people who are suffering from lots of problems. Pain is a major cause of sorrow. This is a serious issue and one needs to take good care and overcome it.

If you do not know what is CBD oil? Then you need to research on the internet and find out more on this subject. If you want to make use of this, keep in check the amount of THC, if kept in check you will be not getting too many side effects.

Types of Workshop Machinery

Machines utilized in a wood preparing activity to cast the ideal shape or measurements from the wood work piece are known as woodworking machine. The following are Types of Workshop Machinery.

Milling Machine for Workshop

A processing machine is the best instrument for slicing metals to the tweaked measurements and shapes particularly if the parts are to be sliced or formed to rectangular or uneven measurements. Two kinds of processing gadgets are utilized in workshops manual and CNC processing. CNC is PC controlled which consequently play out the procedure as indicated by set PC details while in manual gadgets the procedure is done physically and in this way sets aside time for fulfillment.

Milling Machine

Grinding Machine

Errands like roughing or completing of surfaces, completing inside barrels or bores, honing the cutting apparatuses, expelling harsh projections from castings, cleaning, cleaning, and buffing surfaces all are accomplished through pounding hardware.


Shaping Machine

Shaping machine is a well-known shape unit utilized in workshops. It is utilized for cutting bends, edges and different shapes from the workpiece. It comes in various sizes, particulars and tooling and can be utilized for different metal or wood cutting prerequisites. When contrasted with machine or processing, molding is much reasonable and are best apparatuses for forming level metal or wood surfaces.


Aside from these different sorts of devices like saws, drills etch, switches, planers, shapes and so forth are utilized in workshops for effective handling. All these machine instruments come in various determinations and can be chosen according to explicit necessities for requirements in a workshop.

Chain/Chisel Mortiser

Chain/etch mortises are critical woodworking machine instruments utilized for penetrating openings into wooden surfaces. These mortises are generally utilized in workshops for cutting square or rectangular openings in a bit of timber in order to get wanted mortise and join joints.

Chain/Chisel Mortiser

Surface/Thickness Planer

A wood surface planer or thickness planer is a prominent workshop machine utilized for completing level wooden surfaces for consistency fit as a fiddle. The surface/thickness planers for modern procedures come in variation surfacing or thickness limits and in this manner can be chosen for an issue free execution to all the more likely suit explicit woodworking necessities in various businesses. A surface cum thickness planer machine is a perfect alternative for the workshop applications to guarantee that greatest exactness, speed and effectiveness of surface and thickness completing employment can be accomplished with a solitary machine.

Surface/Thickness Planer

Jig Saw

Planning wood for aesthetic examples is most ideal on jigsaw woodworking. It can cut discretionary or most unpredictable shapes out of the wooden work piece. With the utilization, most extreme exactness and quickness in the wood, planning undertakings can be accomplished at workshops and enterprises.


Aside from these few different types of woodworking devices are utilized in enterprises and workshops. It offers impact to the errands by lessening the wastage and help in achieving the most exact cutting, mounding and other wood preparing applications in a lot lesser time.

For those hoping to purchase woodworking hardware, We can offer the most solid variants of cutting edge machinery appropriate for performing modified wood preparing applications reasonable to explicit ventures and workshop prerequisites.

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