Tips to keep your heavy machinery in good condition

heavy machinery in good condition

Above all, in Mining, Industrial, or Agriculture equipment, constant maintenance is required. Interruptions are costly and security is a priority that we must not overlook. Here are five important points for heavy machinery maintenance.

Give the responsibility of the equipment to a single person

We know that many times in large teams, construction companies or companies have multiple operators. But there must always be a person in charge of the team, who delivers and receives the machinery. Inspections should be done with a checklist that should supervise the correct operation of the equipment. Operator training should generally be done by professionals. Operator manuals can be revised for any job. They can even be rewritten in simpler language. They can provide a short manual to each operator for easy reference. Buy the best TECHKING construction and mining OTR tires.

Add and test lubricants frequently

Lubricants reduce the friction of any moving part. Having a lubrication maintenance log extends the life of machinery and its parts. Lubrication is the main and most important stage of maintenance. Look for signs of oil leaks or piston greasing. Check oil seals. Be sure to use the proper lubricant. There are specific classes of oil and fat for each component. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations. We are a mining tire supplier and have great TECHKING brand OTR solutions for you.

Vibration, shock, high temperatures, friction, and age

They contribute to the deterioration of heavy machinery. Vibration can come from misaligned gears and belts. Crashes from accidents or from an operator with poor handling technique. High temperatures can be due to prolonged use, friction, poor lubrication, or no lubrication. The age of the equipment affects many key components. Over time, the seals will wear out, dry out, and break. The screws will loosen and change shape. Age is a factor to monitor on the team. If you discover wear and tear on any moving part of your machinery, act quickly to make the necessary replacement or adjustment. We have the largest variety of truck tires and mining equipment tires in Colombia.

Store the machinery in a clean place

It can be a somewhat complicated point because we usually leave the machinery at the workplace. But we must allocate a place with a cleaner environment. The seals should be inspected regularly to ensure they are in good condition. Filters should be checked and changed regularly. Respirators should be kept clean to avoid creating a vacuum in the cabin. The electronic dashboard in the cabin is susceptible to damage. This affects the clutch, for example. Machinery that is not going to be used for a while should be kept indoors. Exposure to wind, sun, and rain can lead to rust and deterioration. Machinery should be checked from time to time if not in use. Get in touch with us to offer you the highest quality in the import and commercialization of tires in Colombia.

Have a maintenance and repair log

Keeping records of fluid, tire, track, and electrical system changes are among the components that should be checked regularly for preventative maintenance. Know what your machinery needs to schedule maintenance. Here are some examples. Transmissions have moving parts that need replacement or repair. Gearboxes should be checked for lubrication, vibration, and damage to parts. Friction materials, seals, gaskets, and posts. Gears and shafts generally last a long time and do not have to be replaced frequently. Train components require constant supervision. If you are looking for a mining tire dealer in Colombia, contact Devol Import.

Test the oil to diagnose problems. The filter change frequently. Bearings are very strong so they must be handled smoothly and are vital to the operation of heavy machinery. Use quality tires with the highest performance, with TECHKING OTR and TBR tires.

To conclude, after putting these 5 tips into practice, you can considerably extend the service time of heavy machinery, improve performance and avoid changing or buying parts due to wear. You can also review the options for renting equipment and heavy machinery if you do not have the infrastructure to maintain this type of equipment, it is an option that may be viable for short periods.

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