Types of industrial machinery according to the energy they use

industrial machinery

In the evolution of humanity and its civilization, the different industrial revolutions have played a determining role.

It would be impossible to imagine having achieved so many advances without the invention and use of machines. The industrial machinery has been, is, and will be one of the best allied in our development.

Great benefits to humanity

Industrial machinery is an indispensable and valuable help that humanity has had for the development and production of goods and services.

In the past, the mere work capacity of human beings imposed on them a limit indicated by their forces. For which productivity came as a function of the power of the workers’ arms and hands. The industrial revolution and the invention and use of new machines gave more power, more work time. And therefore greater production to factories, significantly increasing the benefit of humanity. The industrial machinery, such as devices used in factories to assist with production work can be classified according to energy use. Here we mention three of them.

Industrial electrical machines

Some industrial machines are powered by electrical energy. This type of machine is characterized by having electric and magnetic circuits. And one of its main components is the electric motor, which transforms electrical energy into mechanical ones. Thus, the input electrical energy source is converted into motion to carry out work where synchronous, asynchronous, and direct current motors can participate. The possibilities offered by these electrical industrial machines are wide and their power ranges. And versatility makes them one of the most used in the industry.

Hydraulic industrial machines

Another of the types of existing industrial machines are the so-called hydraulic ones.

These machines are characterized by receiving their energy source from the pressure of various fluids that allow obtaining mechanical energy. Although this pressure mechanism is used in various artifacts. The convention has indicated that hydraulic industrial machines are considered to be those that use a pressure greater than 100 mbar.

Presses, compactors, and balers, among others, are the machines that usually work under this system of hydraulic pressure.

Thermal industrial machines

The industrial machines thermal are the third type of device which employs temperature variation of fluid to transform it into kinetic energy. Steam engines, heat engines, steam turbines, explosion engines. And jet engines are some examples of this type of industrial machine or device that has thermal energy as a source. These three types of industrial machines, electrical, hydraulic, and thermal, are then differentiated by the energy they use as a source of generation and then transform it into other energies. Keep reading how to evolve snom.