The Types of Machinery for Construction and Public Works

Types of Machinery

To make cities a better one requires a lot of work and dedication, a total commitment to citizens. To achieve this, there is a lot of machinery involved. Today we share some of the main machinery involved in it.

Heavy Machinery

For projects such as roads and paving, the use of heavy machinery is necessary; This refers to those of large geometric proportions, they have a considerable volume and weight. They are mainly used in large earthworks (be it open pit or tunnels), movement of heavy elements, civil engineering, or in mining works.

Among the best known of this type of machinery, we can mention tunnel boring machines, large cranes, excavators, among others.

Types Of Heavy Machinery

Heavy construction machinery handles many types of machinery, especially those for public works (civil engineering) or private projects; earthworks, roads, clearings, dams, dredging, drilling of tunnels and trenches, excavations, or deep foundations. The following can be distinguished:


It is used to open grooves for the passage of pipes, cables, drains, etc. It is also used to excavate foundations or ramps on building sites. The machine hits the ground with a spoon with which it starts the materials that it drags and deposits inside it, in a movement from the bottom up. In general, it does not exceed 30% slopes on slippery terrain.

Backhoe Loader

Construction machines used to carry out excavations inland. It can be used to carry out earthworks, open furrows for pipes, cables, or drains, and also to repair the land where the foundation of the building will be located. The main difference between this and the excavator is that the backhoe digs from top to bottom.


They are the essential machines for road and street paving. The most used are those of concrete or concrete, to which are added those of curbs and gutters, and sidewalks.


The auto pulsed machine on wheels has different types of rollers (vibrator, smooth, kickstand, smooth tires) that allow accelerating the soil compaction process.


Also known as Loaders, they are mechanical shovels mounted on wheels or chains and suitable for various jobs, especially for earthmoving. Also in filling ditches, lining slopes, placing concrete on-site, and transporting various materials. Its support structure has two articulated arms that are hydraulically actuated.


It is used to lift and distribute very heavy loads, usually through a hook. The most common are tower cranes, consisting of a removable metal tower and an extension parallel to the ground, which can rotate and is also equipped with motors that allow lifting and distributing the load.

Now that you know each type of machinery thoroughly, prepare yourself with everything you need for your new construction and paving projects.

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