Pets at home: how to entertain them and take care

How to take care pets at home

The experts give us the advice to try that our pets at home cope better these complex days.

These days when our movements are limited, we all at home miss our walks down the street. The routines that we now long for and want to recover. Pets included. For this reason, the experts insist that we must try to maintain a certain degree of normality also in relation to our faithful companions, as far as possible. And it is that inside the house you can also carry out activities to keep them active, entertained and even make sure that their well-being remains in perfect condition, as explained by the Barkyn veterinarians, who give a series of tips to better cope with this time of quarantine at home due to the coronavirus health crisis.

Short And Safe Walks

Pets at home tips

Although the State of Alarm declared in Spain continues to allow walks freely. We must have common sense and not distance ourselves too much from home. The authorities of some municipalities are beginning to consider including more limitations in this regard- and do it only for the necessary time. We must not extend these walks too long and, above all, we must take extreme precautions, both ourselves and our pets at home, in terms of contact with other people and animals. “Cleaning their legs when we return is important and, if we can, also wash them whole”, tells us Daniela Leal, head of Barkyn’s team of veterinarians.

Spend Time Entertaining

Except for the lucky ones who have a garden, many of us are going through confinement in flats, sometimes not very big. Playing at home, taking into account that we have less space, inevitably becomes more complicated. One option is to take advantage of the corridors to play chase and thus expend a little energy or use KONG toys to stimulate mental activity. There are more options, as Leal explains, who says that if we want to do something different, “we can take advantage of the time we have now to reinforce commands, or even teach some new ones.”

Also, Be Careful With Your Meals

We assume that each dog, depending on its breed and its characteristics, must have a diet adapted to its individual needs. In order to obtain the maximum benefit and thus help its immune system. The normal thing is that we already have a good feeding plan for our pets at home. So we should not change it. But, yes, experts recommend that if the dog’s exercise is reduced, its rations should also be reduced. As with our food, ordering food online can also be a safer alternative.

Check Your Status Without Leaving Home

We know that during these weeks of quarantine departures should be minimal. Something also applicable to pets at home. Thus, medical visits to the vet are only allowed if it is an emergency. But you can do a small check yourself at home. To check that everything is still working well. Thus, the easiest thing to see is if your mood is the same. A great indicator that everything is going well. Experts recommend checking. For example, how your hair is following, if it is uniform, without excessive loss We can also examine your teeth, gums. And tongue for plaque and infections early. One last note: if we want to control your heart rate, it should be between 60 and 120 beats per minute, at rest.

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