Industrial machinery, what it is and application examples

Industrial machinery

We generally hear about industrial machinery but not everyone understands what it is. Well, if you want to know what it is here, we will talk about it deeply so that you can do it.

Below you can also find some examples of it, with which the concept will be clearer. In the same way and due to the breadth of the subject you will be able to know the different types of industrial machinery that you can find today. Know all these aspects and learn from them.

Get to know a definition and examples of what industrial machinery is

Machines are currently found in all environments and serve us to perform a variety of tasks, from the simplest to the most complex.

This is a type of machine, which actually includes several machines, that is available in order to assist in the different manufacturing processes such as product manufacturing.

Within these machines you will find, for example, agricultural machinery, which allows you to perform tasks such as sowing, also spraying, and harvesting. In this case, especially, the machinery is manufactured to carry out various activities in the field and that focus on the production of different raw materials as well as their extraction.

But in addition to this example, there are others that you should know. For example and in the same agricultural field you can find other industrial machines that specialize in their work is not the production of raw material but in its manufacture. In this case in particular we find those machines with which food is made.

Having these examples clear, you should know that just as these industrial machines are found in agriculture, there are also other fields or industries in which they may be needed. One of the most prominent today is clearly the automotive industry that uses a wide variety of machines to assemble vehicle parts.

The kinds of industrial machinery that are popularly used in industry

Since you understand what the concept of an industrial machine is, it is time to talk about your classes. In this case, we can find a great variety, regarding its features and operation but to begin and in a general way you should know that in matter there are two classes.

The first of these is light industrial machinery, which is characterized by being responsible for carrying out processes that are small. A good example is welding machines.

The second class is heavy machinery, which is used for much more complex activities or processes that require greater force. Among them are agricultural machines as well as large metal foundries.

Industrial machinery of electrical, hydraulic, thermal, and robotic arm type

At this point, you have already better understood what industrial machines are. In any case, it is good that you know a little more about them and that is why we will tell you about 4 well-known types. These types are those of the electrical industrial machines, the hydraulic ones, also the thermal ones and the popular robotic arm ones:

Electrical industrial machinery

This type of machine makes use of kinetic energy in order to transform it into other energy. Within it, we can find three classes or groups. The first is the generating machines, then there are the transformers and finally, we can find the motors.

In the case of generators, they perform their action by transforming energy from mechanical to the electrical type, motors do so from electrical to mechanical and converters only change the characteristics of the energy used. Transformers and converters retain the form of energy but transform its characteristics.

Hydraulic industrial machinery

  • This type of machine is the one that works through the use of fluids.
  • Although this type of machine is not as popular as the previous one, it must be recognized that in some industries its use is essential.
  • They also tend to carry out heavy work, which is why it is within the class of heavy machinery.
  • Thermal type of industrial machinery
  • Thermal machinery currently does really important work in different industries. Now and although they are not so easily recognized, you should know that many of these machines are in use, for example, in transport systems.
  • In the same way, this type of machine is widely used in those processes where the products must be in a state of refrigeration.
  • Regarding its operation, you should know that hydraulic industrial machines are those that work through the production of kinetic energy. For this, the transit of a fluid increases to also move the air from one area to another.

Robotic arm industrial machinery

  • These machines are effortless to recognize, and one of its most outstanding characteristics is clearly its robotic arm.
  • This type of machinery is used above all in production processes that require the transport of parts from one point to another. That is why it is common to find it arranged in different sections of the conveyor belts.
  • In these processes, while the belt transports a certain element, which is in the manufacturing state, the machine with a robotic arm is applying some element or aspect to the work.

Within these machines we find, for example, the equipment used to weld parts, to locate components, there are also the machines in charge of arranging the screws, painting, polishing, among others.

In addition to the above, it should be considered that this machinery is widely used in the electronic industry since it offers greater benefits and performs actions that humans are unable to do with precision or faster.

Finally and since you have known all these data of industrial class machinery, without a doubt you can understand it much better.