How to Assemble Huffy Cruiser Bike Great Way to Do

Huffy Cruiser Bike

Huffy is one fun and comfortable cruiser bike. A cruiser bike is a great option for enjoying riding. Now here we have described how you can assemble your huffy cruiser bike.

Front Fender

First, we’ll install the front fender, slide the front wheel straight out from the frame, making sure the pedal crank doesn’t interfere with the wheel spokes, use a Phillips screwdriver and wrench to remove the bolt near the fork crown, remove the fork and spacer between the fork mouse.

Then with the fork and fender pointed forward, place the fender between the fork legs. Make sure the short end of the fender faces the front.

The top of the fork fits between the two tabs on the fence gender. So you can insert the bolt through the front tab and then through the front hole, and then through the rear tab, add the washer and nut tighten the bull.

Now for the braces and remove the mounting bolt from each side lineup the fender braces with the fork mounting tabs and insert a mounting bolt into one brace and four mounting tabs. Tighten securely and repeat for the other side.

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Front Wheel

Now let’s install the front wheel, remove the axle nuts and wheel retainers from the front wheel axle on both sides.

Set the wheel into the front fork. Use the kickstand, the hold, the bike steady install the wheel retainers one on each side, making sure each tab is in the fork tab hole.


Now we assemble the basket, remove the screws and nuts from the basket bracket, insert and hand tighten one, screw through the basket and into one bracket hole.

Then insert the top of the support legs between the basket and the bracket groove make sure the curled ends of the support legs point toward the front of the basket as shown.

Insert and hand tighten the other screw through the basket and into one bracket hole and insert a washer and nut on each screw and hand and tighten the nuts.

With a Phillips screwdriver and wrench tighten each screw securely and make sure the wheel retainer clips remain in place.

Hook the basket support legs onto the wheel axle on both sides and install an axle nut. You only need to tighten it finger tight for now and repeat for the other side.

Center the front wheel between the fork legs and make sure the wheel does not touch or rub against the fork or fender.

Rotate and place the basket into position against the upper bracket and push two screws with washers from inside the basket, through the bracket.

Then insert the two washers and two nuts and tighten securely.

Your basket is done now tighten the two front wheel axle nuts securely and make sure the wheel can rotate freely without rubbing the fork or fender.

Loosen the stem bowl. A few turns with the Allen wrench then remove the plastic cap from the end of the handlebar stem and insert the stem into the fork lock nut to the desired height.

Make sure the main in the mark is hidden align the stem with the front tire and securely tighten the stem bowl.


Adjusting the handlebar so the grips point toward the seat. Loosen the handlebar clamp nut rotate the handlebar into a comfortable riding position and then securely tighten the handlebar clamp nut.

Now test the handle par stem tightness by first dragging the front wheel between your legs. Try to turn the front wheel by turning the handlebar.

The handlebar in the stem should not turn without turning the front wheel. Now test the handlebar clamp tightness, hold the bike stationary and try to move the handlebar ends up and down.

The handlebar should not move within the handlebar clamp and no install the seat, place it upside down and loosen both seat clamp nuts enough.

Seat Post

So, you can insert the smaller end of the seat posts, rotate to see posts within the seat, post clamp to be vertical both nuts evenly and equally. So, the seat post will be secure within the seat clamp.

The least lever should be somewhat loose with the seat tube hand, tying the adjusting nut as much as possible while holding the lever still.

Next move the quick release lever to the fully open position in point to see forward, insert to see post into the seat to make sure the main inline is not showing.

Position the seat posts at the desired height while lining the seat to point along with the frame, enclose the quick release lever by hand. If the seat post is still loose open the lever.

Then while holding the adjusting nut and turn the lever clockwise and then close it again. Repeat this process until the clamp is secure.

So, the seat post won’t move. Again, make sure the mainline is not shown and that the lever, when closed, lays against a seat clamp, then loosen the seat clamp nuts just enough. So you can rotate the seat for a comfortable riding position.

Clearly tighten the bolts evenly and equally so the seat will not move. To test the tightness of the seat clamp and the post clamp.

Try to turn the seat side to side and move the front of the seat up and down.

In both cases, the seat should not move in the seat clamp and the sea pose should not move in the seat tube clamp for the pedals, refer to the stickers or the engraved letters to identify the left and right pedals.

Insert the left pedal into the left side of the crank arm and hand tightened. Counter-clockwise it’s important to tighten the left pedal counterclockwise, then finish tightening with your wrench.

Insert the right pedal into the right side of the crank arm and hand tightened clockwise. Again, it’s important to tighten the right pedal clockwise.

Then finish tightening with your wrench to install the front reflector rotated on the handlebar. So it points straight forward.

Then snugly tighten the clamp screw to install the cup holder, slide it to the desired position. Then snugly tighten the clamp bowl with a number five Allen wrench. Just make sure the tires are properly inflated and you’re ready to ride.


We are trying our try best to give you quick and appropriate guidelines so readers hopefully you have found the correct way to assemble a Huffy cruiser bike and if you want to learn more check OutdoorXsports for better information.