How much do aviation mechanics make in the USA and Mexico?

aviation mechanics make in the USA and Mexico

The aircraft mechanics are the technicians responsible for the repair and maintenance of instrumentation flight, components of the aircraft, and deal with radars and communications via radio in terms of ensuring the crew flight. Here, we will share about how much do aviation mechanics make. We only included the USA and Mexican aviation mechanics salary. Regarding salary, it is different according to each country, but it is possible to establish an average according to statistics.

How much do aviation mechanics make in the United States?

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has data that reports that in 2010, aviation mechanics earned an average of $ 25.02 per hour and an annual salary of $ 52050.

The same office reports that half of these professionals’ staff earned from $ 21.48 to $ 28.80 per hour or $ 44,670 to $ 59,910 annually.

However, other professionals had a lower salary, indicating that 10% could not earn $ 17.70 an hour or $ 36,810 annually.

The data thrown in the same month of the following year indicate that the annual salary was registered at an average of 55,210.

But due to the type of job, the salary underwent modifications since those involved in support tasks in air transport receive an average salary of $ 46,770 per year. In contrast, those in charge of controlling the instruments receive an average salary of $ 50,900 per year.

Manufacturing personnel receives an average salary of $ 54,270 per year.

Salary of aviation mechanics according to the state of the United States

Depending on the United States’ state where the aviation mechanics work, their salary will vary and may be more jump or lower.

For example, those who work in Hawaii earn an average of $ 62,260 annually.

New York is a state that pays these professionals an average salary of $ 59,870.

In Connecticut, the average salary is 58,250 dollars.

Pennsylvania pays professionals an average salary of $ 56,610.

In Massachusetts, these same professionals earn an average salary of $ 5,653.

New York City, in its metropolitan area, pays professionals an annual average of $ 71,340.

In Louisiana, Lake Charles is metropolitan areas that pay these professionals an average of $ 66,000.

In Florida, Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach are metropolitan areas that pay an average of $ 61,250 annually.

California metropolitan areas such as Ontario, San Bernardino, and Riverside pay an average of $ 60,340 annually.

Connecticut metropolitan areas such as Norwalk, Stamford, and Bridgeport pay 60,110 on average annually.

The salary continues to change depending on the occupation, for example, if they work for the federal government maintaining airplanes for the military forces.

In this case, the average salary is $ 55,730 per year, with variations between a minimum of $ 33,630 and a maximum of $ 72,250 per year, but others also earn an approximate average of between $ 43,660 and $ 62,280 per year,

In Indiana, Grissom’s base area reservation pays an average rent of 23.85 and $ 27.93 an hour.

In New Mexico, Kirtland, and Albuquerque, the average wage is $ 20.11 to $ 30.92 per hour.

In Minnesota, in St. Paul. The air National Guard pays an average of $ 25.51 to $ 29.73 an hour.

In Utah, the air National Guard pays an average of $ 47,980 to $ 62,296 annually.

According to the mechanic’s promotion and experience, the military establishes a salary scale. It indicates that the W-10 and WG-08 are qualified mechanics without experience, who have an average salary of between $ 37,631 and $ 45,771 annually.

These same mechanics can rise to the WG-12 category, so their salary can average $ 60,274 annually,

WG-08 is a category with a range that allows you to earn a salary of between $ 37,631 and $ 48,917 per year.

If the mechanic continues to move up the category and reaches the W-10, he would earn an average of $ 45,771 annually and may even reach $ 59,505 per year.

If you move up to the WG-12 category, your average annual salary can be between $ 60,274 and $ 78,335 per year.

How much do aviation mechanics make in Mexico?

As in other countries, the salary in Mexico depends on several factors such as the area company for which the aircraft mechanic works and experience. If you are a beginner, your salary will be much lower until you gain experience. The airplane mechanic chooses the specialty also influences since it can be electrical, electronic, helicopters, rotary-wing, or fixed-wing.

For example, a fixed-wing airplane mechanic usually has an average salary of 7,000 Mexican pesos per month.

If you have no experience and work in a workshop dealing with corporate jets, the average salary is 40,000 Mexican pesos.

Working in that same workshop, but with experience, the salary averages between 15 and 20,000 Mexican pesos.

The airline company the mechanic works for also has to do with it and in this sense, Interjet’s tabular salary averages 97,800 Mexican pesos per month.

In the case of Aeroméxico, the salary they handle for their mechanics is similar to that handled by other airlines such as Virgin, British, United Continental, or Delta. Still, it is below Eva Air, China Airlines, Emirates, and Lufthansa.

However, salary is also functional to the standard of living of nations and can fluctuate up or down, since daily expenses can be higher or lower.

At Aeromexico, overcharges with one year old are benefits with 30 days off and one more day up to a maximum of 60 days.

They also have free trips and discounts of between 80 and 90%. There is also a 6 × 4 program for mechanics with more seniority that allows you to work six days and take 4 days off, as these are all concepts that influence the salary. It may be equal to or less than that offered by other airlines and indicates it is not. It is only important to know the salary that the mechanic can earn and consider other benefits offered by the airlines.