Controlling Your Cat Scratching by Investing in A Scratching Post

In today’s market, you will get a variety of styles in cat furniture ranging from cat trees which are carpeted to cat condos which are made from the aluminum frame. Here, you will be able to get a taste of the variety with some trees coming with condo beddings, hammock for lounging, viewing perches atop, and catnip enhanced toys to create a playground for your cat. With the variety of choices, you are vested with the responsibility of ensuring that, you get the best product which will work well for your cat and you.

You will have to consider the environment, the tendencies of your cat and its age. The structure of the product and the material are also important when you are finally deciding on which one to take home. Before you click here, there is a need for you to find out if your cat is fond of scratching or it will do with a viewing perch.

In most instances, the scratching allows the cat to mark its territory and that is why it will be best to purchase a scratching for your pet and placing it in a central area. Most of the cat trees you will find here are made from scratching posts materials which will make it feel that, it is actually destroying the post.

There are cats which are not interested in scratching and they will just enjoy having a getaway from their day to day activities. Depending on what age your particular cat is, and its agility, you will definitely want to consider the number of spacing and perches between each level.

There are various options as regard to the height of the scratching trees for the cat which are available in the market. all this will depend on the number of cats that you have in the house. The more the cats, the taller the tree should be to allow each one of them a space to call its own.

Why a cat tree?

If you are a cat lover, you understand that cats love to scratch. When you get a cat tree, you will be offering your cat a great place to do the scratching, play, nap, and perch. When you find the best, it will be after a tedious work due to the fact that there is a variety of them in the market.

Do you really require a cat tree?

For sure yes, as long as you have a cat, you need to have a cat tree so that it can claw and scratch at it. When you provide it with a cat tree, it offers a cost-effective and easy way to do what it loves most; to scratch and claw.

You have an alternative of declawing your cat as an alternative measure but remember that, to declaw, is very expensive and it is extremely stressful and painful for your pet cat. When you purchase a new cat tree, it will enable your cat to play as well as scratch while your furniture is protected.

Materials of the cat tree

You can get cat condos which are crafted using various materials and it will be up to you to choose what you deem to be your preference and what your cat is going to like. Here are some of the materials that you will encounter while shopping out there. You will have to look at their pros and cons and make a decision which one to go for.

  • Wood: This is a wonderful option when it comes to the limbs and bases. It is common knowledge that wood is very strong and thus, an obvious option if you have several cats since it will be able to withstand the weight and their movements. But on the negative, wood is very expensive and pressed. If you decide to go for particle board, it will be cheap but not durable.
  • PVC Pipes: This has become a less expensive alternative for perches and limbs for most cat condos. It can be a good choice but it is important to remember that, it is less durable and less sturdy as compared to wood. If you have larger breeds, it is not that strong to support their weight.
  • Carpet: On most cat trees, you will find carpet material being used. It is great especially for covering perches or making areas to be softer for stretching or napping.
  • Faux Options: There are plenty of other options including faux suede and faux fur coverings. You will also notice that most cats really love to nap on surfaces made of faux fleece. So when you select a cat tree made from faux material, it is going to save you money and at the same time, ensure that you will be able to easily wash them when they are dirty and thus, your cat will be kept in a place which is clean and cozy.

Scratching is an important part of cats health both physically and mentally. When they scratch, it allows them to mark their territory due to the scent glands which are in their paws. It also allows it to stretch. When you get cat trees with scratching posts for them, they will definitely allow your cat to have an outlet where it will be able to perform this necessary and normal activity. You will need to make sure that the posts for scratching are tall enough and sturdy.